Professional Grade Service

“We as a company create highly functional, flexible and reliable diversified

packaging and operational solutions that generate positive impact on daily basis

customers performance by eliminating operational stress, we enhance operational

growth, efficiency and profit for our clients.”


Logistics & Warehouse Management

The supply chain challenges that industrial manufacturers face are increasing, especially for those with global operations and business involving the border between Mexico and USA. If you want to be a key player in the market, you understand that shorter product lifecycles mean even shorter lead times. The tolerance for risk is disappearing and the market mandates to exceed customer demands is a must.


We scale solutions to match each client’s needs. Whether clients are looking for materials storage and handling, warehouse solutions, material sorting, re-packing solutions or simply need extra space for storage, we apply our best practices and well known service philosophy and put inventory in its best position to improve the bottom line.


Packaging Distribution

Our priority is to provide our clients with the most reliable and cost-efficient packaging solutions, so distribution is key. This means you can trust that we invest in the systems, people and distribution channels to ensure our operation runs secure and strong so you have peace of mind that we deliver in form, on time and in the manner your products require.


We are experts in the different aspects of packaging: Design, development, cost of materials and labor, delivery and implementation. We are uniquely skilled in packaging and fully committed to deliver the best to our clients. Innovation and creativity are the main ingredients that drive our packaging distribution services.


Quality Inspection & Sorting

Our quality inspection and sorting services provide our clients a trusted and responsive partner providing flexible and dependable solutions to help prevent or contain quality issues. Although these services are often integrated into warehousing and distribution solutions, we also provide these services as stand-alone options at our facilities on the Mexico/USA border.


We provide experienced labor, sophisticated management, state of the art equipment and a solid supply chain of knowledgeable individuals all focused to exceed client expectations.

Solutions Oriented

Delicate Cycle


We had a client who needed to transport industrial-sized condenser coil from their supplier to their manufacturing facility and then on to various global markets. The coil is made of soft aluminum and was getting damaged during transportation. But a concern was the cost to create a system that would work. We developed a solution utilizing precise machinery to produce holding dunnage and materials not traditionally used in packaging to secure this sensitive material. The system included stackable and collapsible elements that allowed them to severely reduce their transportation costs.

Retaining Relationships


A leading car manufacturer had a vendor with no prior presence in our region. Their responsibility was to deliver material that would be used to create the interior of vehicles at a maquila in Juarez. However, they were having quality issues that were only discovered upon delivery of their product. The cost to sort the faulty product, store on site, load onto trucks and ship back was proving to be too costly. Our solution was to create a facility locally that had ample space where we could receive, inspect, certify and store their product and keep a surplus to deliver–on short notice if necessary–to the final customer. The result is they no longer have quality issues with the car manufacturer, which has dramatically improved their reputation and saved money by reducing penalty fees and other costs associated with quality control issues.