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Global Containers has been serving companies in the automotive industry for years. Whether your company has small components that need to be protected and shipped to OEMs, or large complex systems such as speakers, coils, brakes or LCD displays that require sophisticated packaging solutions for shipping and handling. With versatility and flexibility, we will provide you with a wide range of protective packaging options.


When expectations are high for protective and reliable packaging options in regards to shipping, handling or storage of electronic products, we are the solutions company to contact. Global Containers executes packaging systems for computers, tablets, smart phones and various other electronic components. We have successfully helped protect finished goods for globally renowned companies.


When it comes to custom protective packaging for the distribution of canned products or food such as beef, chicken or pork, we provide our customers with robust and functional solutions to support their sensitive food handling, storage and transportation needs while implementing sustainable materials when applicable.


Successful medical packaging must address a checklist of essentials. They include compliance with regulations, ease of use, efficient manufacturing compatibility with customer needs and required performance and. Every required packaging in this field involves customization, performance, reliable strength, low contamination risk, manufacturing integration, safe delivery and top service, we always make sure all these are provided to our customers.

Returnable containers & Dunnage

  • Global Containers & Custom Packaging provides custom returnable containers in a variety of designs to meet customer
  • Our returnable containers are affordable and reliable.
  • We also offer repair services and cleaning programs for all types of containers.

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